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Fidelity Program

Green Cross has introduced Fidelity cards for their patients to offer discounts.

Terms and Conditions:

Point management system (PMS) is applicable to patients coming to lab directly to get test done.  All requests with corporate client selected will not be offered PMS.  PMS starts from the date of patient registration on the system.

Points accumulated on PMS get expired / lapses after specific duration which is specified in system (e.g.  On system it is specified that from 01/01/2010 till 30/06/2010 PMS lapses within 3 years. So if patient gets registered between these dates then his points will be lapsed after 3 years from date of registration.)

For every patient, once the point’s lapses system will reset points available to redeem to ZERO and reset the date of expiry to next date based on the current value of duration specified in system.

Applicability of PMS starts after no. of visits as specified in system (e.g. if PMS is applicable as from 3RD  visit, for first 2 visits no discount is given but points will be  accumulated for first 2 visits which can be  redeemed from third visit).

Patients are categorised based on amount received from patient. e.g.

Payment Received Category Card Type
0 – 10000 Blue
10001 – 20000 Silver
20001 – 50000 Gold
>= 50001 Platinum

Category wise conversion factor. e.g.

Receipt Date From Receipt Date To Card Type Conversion points
01/09/2010 30/09/2010 Blue 1 Rs. Received 1 Point
01/09/2010 30/09/2010 Silver 1 Rs. Received 1.25 Points
01/09/2010 31/12/2010 Gold 1 Rs. Received 1.50 Points
01/09/2010 31/08/2011 Platinum 1 Rs. Received 2.00 Points

System will escalate the Patient Category as the payment is received from patient. Category will be changed first on receipt of payment and then accumulation of points will be calculated.

At the end of expiry period of the account Category will be again set to Blue.

Patients can redeem point’s already accumulated ONLY BEFORE THE CURRENT DATE. Multiple requests if entered on one day will not be considered for discount. So if patient visits Lab multiple times on one day than it will be treated as one visit only. POINTS ACCUMULATED ON CURRENT DATE WILL BE KEPT ON HOLD AND WILL BE ADDED TO POINTS AVAILABLE FOR REDEEMPTION at the end of day i.e. 00:00 Hrs.