Corporate and Clinics Services


CooperateGreen Cross has over 20 years experience in testing and management of medical programs for cooperate organsations.

Our goal is to help client companies manage their medical programs, which may have become too complex and burdensome to handle in-house. Utilizing our service can result in substantial savings of time, manpower and expenses. We will gladly arrange for services at your location.

Our goal is to provide unmatched service to our client companies and will make every effort to meet your needs.

We are well experienced in all the various sphere of work:

  • Clinics

  • Insurance Companies

  • Independent Group of Companies

  • Hotels

  • Work Permits for Foreign Nationals joining local companies

Corporate Organisations

CorporateGreen Cross has taken the initiative to provide medical services to companies in Mauritius. With over 25 years of experience in this field, Green Cross has gained a lot of experience, so as to provide a high quality service to people working in cooperates.

It has been the philosophy of Green Cross to work hand-in-hand with the companies needing to perform medical tests for their employees.

To facilitate this process Green Cross has set up a Health Awareness Program for all the companies in Mauritius.

This scheme enables employees in various fields in each company to receive a package at a preferential discounted price together with quality and customer care

The Awareness program has  build up as listed below:

  • Presentation on Cooperate Health Awareness Program

  • Discussion with Board Members of Organisation

  • Tailor-Made Test Package for Organisation.

  • Sample collection at your Premises / Bulk-Personnel Handling

  • Reports within 48 hours.

  • Free presentation and explanation of reports to your personnel

  • Comprehensive reports for every of your staff.

  • Management Reports enclosing all test reports.

Utilizing our service can result in substantial savings of time, manpower and expenses. We will gladly arrange for services at your location.

Public Hospitals
The mission of Green Cross has always been to provide highest quality medical laboratory services using the most advanced technologies. With emphasis on customer care, compassion and professional expertise, Green Cross continually strives for accuracy of testing, swiftness of service and responsiveness to individual customer needs.

Due to this, Green Cross has always paid special attention to patients who are need of doing tests and receiving reports urgently or who need to perform rare tests that are not performed in Mauritius.

A favored price is given to public hospitals for all tests to Green Cross.

ClinicsGreen Cross has gained the trust and confidence of clinics in Mauritius down the years of modern and quality testing. Over 25 years of experience in Pathology Services, Green Cross has set standards that match a high level of dedication and professionalism.
The following states the various commitments that Green Cross has taken for the benefit of all the patients in need of urgent healing.

  • To provide vital test reports to patients in emergency cases.

  • Service of Proximity, with 50 branches across the island.

  • Making use of Latest Technology for Reporting Services-(Fax, Mail, and Post).

  • Online Services- Access of Reports on Green Cross Web-Site.

Clinics are also offered a privileged discounted price on all medical tests that are performed at Green Cross.

Insurance Companies